2016 Wedding Trends Drink Report


There’s no doubt that planning a wedding is super fun. It’s your time to be creative with every detail from colors to decor to food to music and truly the overall experience you want for yourselves and your guests. There are so many new wedding trends every year, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Resource sites like Oregon Bride says to pick up a couple trends but definitely mix in your own original ideas so that your celebration is personal and unique.

At Twist, we are all things beverage and the 2016 wedding trends drink report tells us that there’s a lot going on this year from over the top bar ideas to simple classic cocktail themes. Here are the top bar trends for 2016:

1. Adult Popsicles. Yes, they have alcohol and no, these tricks are not for kids! From bellinis to mojito frozen treats, these are a fun way to get your cocktail hour rockin’.

2. Beer gardens. Craft beer themes are huge, especially in Central Oregon where we’re overflowing with delicious variations. Mobile tap bars with a variety of local & domestic beers are extremely popular this year.

3. Top shelf cocktail bars. Couples have reported that if you choose one liquor say, tequila or vodka – a margarita or martini bar will go a long, long way. Fresh fruits, juices and garnishes will make your bar extra special.

Fancy Fancy Wedding Martini Recipe: 
2 parts Grey Goose Vodka
2 parts dry Vermouth
2/3 olive brine
6 Pitted Mediterranean Olives

Preparation: Pit 4 or 5 olives and muddle with the olive brine in a shaker. Fill with ice and shake. If you like your martini stirred, put ingredients into a strong glass and stir. Strain slowly into a chilled martini glass and garnish with extra olives on a drink pick.

4. Rose’, Rose’, Rose’.  We can’t say it enough. Rose’ wine is still trending for 2016. Find one that goes well with your appetizers, dinner and dessert. Even if you’re serving other wines and beer, Rose’ can be central theme – it’s delicious for the summer and will keep everyone dancing all night long!

5. Don’t forget your non-alcoholic drinks. Step up your game with mint and cucumber laced water service, raspberry infused lemonade and sparkling water with lemon and lime garnish.

Happy Wedding Day!

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