Bar Catering & Booze Tending

At Twist, we believe the bar is the most important element to your party. To make sure your event goes off without a hitch, we provide professional bar catering that provides attention to detail your guests will remember. We believe it can always be done better.

Bar Catering

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Twist wants to take the guesswork, worry, and liability out of the equation so that you can focus on entertaining your guests and enjoying the party. Think of us like a food catering service, but instead of a buffet, we provide the booze and the bartender.  Anything from a simple beer and wine bar to a full cocktail bar complete with custom cocktails and signature drinks is possible, and we’ll work hard to make sure your event is seamless and saucy. We will happily provide, serve, and sell alcohol for your event in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Prineville, and the outlying areas of Central Oregon.

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The process is easy:

  1. Let’s talk.  In person or on the phone, we want to know more about your party.  We’ll want to hear all of your party planning details including the date, timeline, guest count, and most importantly, your vision for your celebration.
  2. Let’s budget.   Tell us your comfortable budget, and we’ll show you options.  We don’t want to scare you off with a $10k soiree, or insult you with a $500 PBR bash.  Even when you don’t know your exact budget, a ballpark is necessary so we can help you hone in vision.
  3. Let us create. After we hear your story, we’ll work up ideas and estimates for your bar and bartending service that fit your vision and your budget.
  4. Let’s book!  To book your event with us, we require a signed contract and a deposit that is equal to your beverage catering service fee.
  5. Let’s stay in touch.  As your event evolves, be sure to keep us in the loop about your changing timelines, guest count, and other important details.
  6. Let us make your event fabulous. Our amazing staff is going to take excellent care of you and your guests during your party.  We will make sure that we fulfill your vision, do not run out of alcohol, and ensure that you are only charged for alcohol that is consumed.

Want to see some examples?  Sure!


There is nothing more important than the biggest day of your life.  Let us help you make your mark by incorporating a beautiful lineup of your beer, wine and cocktail favorites.  After all, they certainly didn’t travel all this way for cake!

Corporate Parties

Honor your customers and employees with a pivotal party!  Let us provide your libations, and you can bring the appreciation and charm.


Do you have a charity event coming up or need non-profit fundraising ideas?  Twist is there to manage your bar and provide insight on how alcohol can be incorporated into your fundraising activity.

Holiday Parties

Fa la la libations!  No holiday or Christmas party is complete without a well-stocked bar and an excellent bartender to guide you through the tinsel and help you make merry.  Let Twist provide the beverage catering for your holiday season!

Open Houses

Are you planning a business or real estate open house?  Need to ‘wow’ new and prospective buyers?  Let us lend a hand.  Maybe we can get them a little sauced to make your sales pitch a little more enticing.

Gay Weddings

Twist is proud to serve all couples on the most important day of their lives, regardless of sexual orientation.  Feel comfortable working with our team, a group of rock stars that refuse to discriminate.  We don’t care what you drink!

Family Reunions

Whether you look forward to your family reunion with great anticipation or severe anxiety, let us remove the worry by providing a great beverage selection that is sure to please the masses.  And don’t worry, we’ll make sure to keep an eye on Great Uncle Ed.

Food Catering Service

In addition to cocktails, Twist also offers delicious food catering options. Whether your guests arrive hungry and want appetizers at the start of your event, or work up an appetite after a night of drinking and dancing and want some late night snacks, we’ve got you covered.


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