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Beverage Catering Pricing Made Easy With Twist

No matter whether you’re planning a wedding with 200 guests, a non-profit fundraiser, a swanky holiday party or an elegant corporate event – Twist‘s catering prices make planning for your event simple and easy.

Here’s how our catering costs work:
We charge a base beverage catering service fee that ranges from $195–$895, depending upon the details of your event, and after that, charge only for alcohol that is consumed, just like a restaurant or bar.

We do not require minimums,  and you can place a maximum on your hosted bar.  Don’t worry, we will consult with you to find the perfect balance between your vision and your budget.

Contact us or give us a call any time at 541.633.5855 to let us know what we can do for you.

Beverage Catering Prices

The prices for our beverage catering services are based on the date, timeline and location of your event, the number of people in attendance, and the type of services requested.   For example:

  • Wedding Service Fees:  $395–$895
  • Corporate Event Service Fees:  $295-$595
  • Nonprofit Event or Fundraiser Service Fees:  $0-$695
  • Short, Small & Sweet Event Service Fees:  $195–$395

Your beverage catering service fee includes bar staffing for your event, a portable bar, bar equipment, supplies, plastic barware, the Twist classic food menu available throughout your event, the OLCC licenses and permits and $2 million of liquor liability insurance coverage for your event.

Beverage Prices

Similar to a restaurant or bar, Twist charges for alcohol by the drink and will only bill for what is consumed (minimums are not required). We stock the bar with appropriate choices of beer, wine, liquor, and cocktail mixers and will always accommodate your special drink requests. Our catering prices are:

  • Beer: $4-$5/bottle
  • Kegs:  $190-$450/keg
  • Wine: $5–$12/glass
  • Mixed drinks: $5–$9/drink
  • Signature Cocktails: $7–$12/drink

Before your event, we will confirm all products and catering prices with you so there are never any  surprises. No two events are alike, therefore your quote is custom.

Host or No Host Bar?

Beer Catering for events, fundraisers, weddings and family reunions in Bend and Central OregonBeer Catering for events, fundraisers, weddings and family reunions in Bend and Central Oregon

Beer and Wine Catering in Bend and Central Oregon Photo Credit: Simone Paddock Photography

Hosted Bar
A Hosted Bar means that drinks are complimentary to guests.  You, our customer, will decide upon a hosted maximum, choosing a budget that is comfortable to you.  When/if the tab reaches the hosted maximum,  we will close the bar.

No Host Bar
A N0-Host Bar means that guests will purchase their drinks individually, using cash or credit cards.  For events like fundraisers and some corporate events, a no-host bar is most appropriate.  A no-host bar is also a great idea when you need an affordable option.

Combo Host & No-Host Bar
We can also create a combination of a hosted and non hosted bar where you can choose to provide alcohol up to a certain budget limit. For example, you may decide to host the first two drinks, the first two hours, or simply host up to a certain dollar amount. Once that limit is reached, we will make a gracious change to a no-host bar.

Professional Bartending Service
For those occasions when you have already secured your alcohol, please visit our sister company, Olive Bartending Service.


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