Central Oregon Wedding: Brittany & Andrew

As we gear up for this weekend’s multitude of wedding celebrations, we can’t help but reflect on one Central Oregon wedding that stood out early on this season.


central oregon wedding

Photo credit: Maggie Hudson, Honeysuckle Photography, Portland, OR

Brittany and Andrew chose to have a Central Oregon wedding to celebrate Brittany’s roots in the area (the couple currently live in Portland). This event was a particularly special one for Brittany’s family for many reasons, and we were honored to help them celebrate in style.




Photo credit: Maggie Hudson, Honeysuckle Photography, Portland, OR


The day was beautiful and absolutely perfect for a Central Oregon wedding.  165 guests arrived to the private property where the ceremony was held and were greeted by a signature cocktail bar featuring two Twist specialties: our hibiscus margarita and our black and blue bourbon lemonade (made with only the finest bourbon, of course – thanks, Oregon Spirit Distillers!). The gorgeous blue skies and a glorious 85 degrees made a perfect backdrop for guests to sip, mingle, and relax before the big event got underway.

The ceremony was heartfelt and touching (there may have been some misty eyes behind the bar) and the reception that followed was joyful and fun. The thing that really stood out to us though was the level of sincerity and gratitude displayed by the couple and their families. You could tell that everyone appreciated the day, the specialness of just being together, and the opportunity to celebrate love. Witnessing this gratitude, for the couple, their family and loved ones, is one of the things we enjoy most about our job, and one thing that sometimes gets lost in the stress of the day. For Brittany and Andrew’s Central Oregon wedding, that feeling was present all day long and had an impact on all in attendance – even the catering crew.

So thank you, Brittany and Andrew! Your wedding was a wonderful example of what all weddings should be – a day filled with joy, gratitude, and love most of all.


Photo credit: Maggie Hudson, Honeysuckle Photography, Portland, OR

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