Green Wedding?

There are endless websites out there dedicated to the green wedding. Go organic (food, flowers), keep it local (food, beverages, favors, location), source green (rings, attire, decor), etc. etc. etc. At Twist, we love the idea of a green wedding and encourage any couple who decide to go that route. However, some green ideas aren’t necessarily all that green. Case in point: choosing glassware over plastic for the drinks. green wedding

Of course, plastic is one of the most damaging materials on the planet. Staying away from using plastic in any area of your life is a good idea. Weddings are one of the hardest places to avoid using this dreaded material, and getting creative to figure out how to avoid it is a terrific idea.

But glassware is also not the best choice. Most don’t realize that when you decide to use glass, you’re using a LOT of water. With the drought conditions Oregon (and the rest of the West Coast) is facing, this has some damaging effects to say the least.

Glassware, plates, and silverware all must be triple washed in a heavy-duty dishwasher. Dishwashers use a lot of water and electricity while running. On average, at least 20-30 gallons of water is used for each cycle of washing. To put load upon load of dishes through this cycle THREE TIMES, well…talk about wasting a precious natural resource.


Have guests bring their own vessel. Each person can bring a favorite cup, travel mug, goblet, whatever! They can use their receptacle all night and take it with them when they leave. It’s a great way to make a little statement about going green and sustainable, and a move that might leave an impact on guests.

Give a sweet party favor! Invest a little coin in customized Kleen Kanteen steel pints or Silipints for each guest. These “vessels” can serve as a cool and functional wedding or event favor that guests can take with them and cherish forever!


siligreen wedding

green weddingHave fun, get creative, go green!

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