Meet the Newest Addition to the Twist family – Decanter Mobile Tap Room!

Back in the spring of 2016 the Twist ladies were racking their brains for new and exciting cocktail-ventures when the idea of a mobile bar came up. After searching far and wide for the perfect party on wheels, they discovered a 1986 Rice horsebox trailer on a farm in Tumalo. The trailer had been used for hauling hay for rescue horses, and although this is a very worthy cause, we felt it was time to give her a new home.


After several months of renovation and manpower from our friends at Blue Pine Designs, that horsebox trailer became a mobile taproom aptly named, Decanter. For those of us that aren’t involved in the world of horses, canter is horse lingo for the swagger of a horse somewhere between a trot and a gallop. Decanter is cocktail lingo for a type of pitcher used to pour wine. And voilá, just like that we had found a perfectly punny name for her!


Since getting Decanter out the stables she has been seen around town at various events as the perfect party addition, no matter the occasion. From weddings to horse club parties to fundraisers, she’ll go just about anywhere with a field or lot to park in and people to drink her libations. With two kegerators, ample shelving for wine and liquor, and some pretty talented bartenders taboot, she really is becoming the talk of the town.


Want to know how you can get Decanter at your next event? Visit for more information. Can anyone say yeeeehaw!?

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