Sippable Super Bowl Recipes–The Rosemary-Blood Orange Shandy

Let’s face it.  The reason most of you need super bowl recipes is so that you have an excuse to eat and drink all day!  Let’s help make sure you aren’t too trashed before the end of the first half.  Take it slow, and keep the alcohol content low.  Drink water.  Rest.  Repeat.

Super Bowl RecipesRosemary -Blood Orange Shandy

–Fill a pint glass half full with ice and pour in your favorite pale ale or wheat beer until the glass is 2/3 full.  We like Deschutes Brewery’s River Ale.

–Top off your glass with sparkling blood orange soda.  We like World Market’s Italian Blood Orange. 

–Finish it off with a rosemary sprig long enough to use to stir.



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