Stirred or Shaken…The Art of Martini Making


Whether you like it stirred or shaken, a classic martini is at it’s best when made correctly. Most bars have the liquors and the skills to make a good cocktail, but when it comes to the martini, there is a true art of martini making. While variations like the cosmo and appletini are certainly delicious, today we’re giving you the tools and the rules to make a classic, stiff James Bond style martini. Shaken not stirred…

To make a good, classic martini, you’ll need the below items:
Plenty of ice
Chilled martini glasses – put glasses in freezer for at least an hour if not more
Metal or glass shaker (pitchers are used for stirring)
Vermouth – refrigerate for at least an hour
Gin or Vodka – Bond preferred Gin, but vodka is more popular today
Simple garnishes – olives, cocktail onions or lemon peels

Martini Making in 10 steps: 
1. Get the vermouth out of the fridge and fill up the cap – it’s really all you need.
2. Put a lot of ice into your shaker (8 cubes or so) and pour in the vermouth. Make sure the shaker and the ice is coated with the vermouth, pour out excess vermouth.
3. Pour in 3 ounces of gin or vodka.
4. Shake it up, gently.
5. Let your liquids sit for a moment and get into the mood. You’re about to drink something amazing. Put on a classic movie, The Seven Year Itch, perhaps. Marilyn Monroe drinks a mean martini or two in that one.
6. Shake your liquids again for a few moments.
7. Pick your garnishes – will it a be a three olive martini, lemon peel around the rim? Cocktail onions?
8. While your liquors and ice are blending and your ice is diluting, get your snacks ready. We suggest a fancy cheese plate or mixed nuts. Salty is best, sweet will change the flavor.
9. Give your liquids a shake one more time for good measure.
10. Strain the deliciousness into two ice cold martini glasses, put your garnishes in. Drink. Savor. Repeat. If you like a dirty martini, pour in some olive juice.

Happy Drinking!


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