Top Five Fancy Fall Cocktails for 2016

Whether it’s scotch, bourbon, spiced rum or flavored vodka, we’re making a list and checking it twice when it comes to our top five fancy cocktails of the season. With staple ingredients like apples, rosemary, cinnamon and nutmeg – we are so excited to share this list of our favorite fancy fall cocktails for 2016. Here we go…!


5. Having a fall dinner party and need a festive punch? Try this delicious recipe and call it whatever you want! Pour one bottle of sweet vermouth and one bottle of Campari in a punch bowl. Fill with ice. Cut up some seasonal fruits like apples and oranges. Garnish the entire punch bowl with shaved cinnamon, enjoy!


4. Halloween is upon us and adult beverages are a must! How about trying the Midori Witches Brew Punch? 4 parts Midori, 4 parts Whip Cream Vodka, 16 ounces of pineapple juice and a splash of Sprite. How about getting fancy with some dry ice, spooky!


3. Love Apple Cider in the fall? We do to and there’s so many boozy recipes you can do with it. Try mixing up some apple brandy with your traditional cider, some rosemary infused simple syrup and lemon juice. A perfect pre dinner beverage!


2. Planning to cozy up by the fire tonight? Don’t forget his and her aperitifs. Our favorite one is 2 ounces of blended scotch and .25 ounces of Amaretto. Mix together over ice until chilled. Pour into cocktail glass with an ice sphere, sip until the fire goes out.


1. Last but not least, it wouldn’t be fall without a mulled wine and we have an amazing and easy recipe that’ll be great for Thanksgiving and beyond. Grab that bottle of fruity red wine that’s been sitting around and put it in a medium sauce pan. Add 2 ounces of brandy, some star anise, 1/2 cup of sugar and some lemon or orange peel. Cook over low heat to merge ingredients but don’t boil. Let stand for 7 minutes, garnish with cinnamon sticks. Serve to party guests.

Happy Fall Drinking!

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