Unique Wedding Toasts: Minty Mojito Poptails


On our quest to find delicious and unique alternatives to traditional wedding toasts, our taste buds have been tantalized by some amazing “poptails”, otherwise known as boozy popsicles. With a plethora of delicious recipes for these poptails, it’s hard to narrow down our list of favorites. The other reasons we love poptails SO much is because not only are they fun to make, party guests love them and it cuts down on glassware and general alcohol waste.



This week, we’ve chosen the Mojito Poptail as one of the most popular alternative wedding toasts simply because it has everything we love – a tasty combination of rum, lime and mint in a popsicle!

Mojito Poptails: (about 10 popsicles)
½ cup super fine white sugar
2 fresh limes
1 cup mint leaves (torn off the stem)
½ cup white rum
2 cups of club soda
Popsicle molds & sticks

Preparation: Put sugar and mint leaves into a large pitcher. Muddle the mint and sugar together so leaves are almost pulverized. Juice the limes into pitcher. Add rum and club soda, stir well. Pour into popsicle molds with sticks and freeze overnight. In the morning, unmold the popsicles, place on a cookie sheet and re-freeze for 2 to 3 more hours. They need to stay in freezer right until serving time.

*For kids’ poptails, leave out the rum and add a bit more sugar. Taste as you go.

For the reception: Your cocktail catering company will be able to make a mass amount for each guest to have at least 2 popsicles. When everyone is getting ready for the toast, the wedding bartenders will hand out these cool treats to your guests and repeat as necessary.

Happy Poptailing!


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